QTS numeracy course

The step by step guide for passing your numeracy skills test in a week!

Passing the skills test is not easy if you were not good at maths in school. Answering a maths question in 18 seconds can be challenging but if you can't do it yet, it doesn't mean that you would not make an outstanding teacher.

Allow me to help you by teaching you a series of shortcuts which will get you through this test. I have developer these great techniques while helping other like you to pass their QTS numeracy skills test.

This online course is designed according to the skills test curriculum and it covers everything you need to know to pass this test. The course also contains specific methods appropriate for this type of test, designed by a subject specialist. 

I estimate that you can pass your skills test in a week, if you start the course now and you practice about 2 hours each day.

What's included?

16 Videos
5 Quizzes
6.0 hrs
Roxana S
Roxana S
Qualified teacher

Who is your tutor?

Hello!  I am a Mathematics teacher based in London and I am here to help you improve your numeracy skills and to pass your test in a week. I would love to answer any questions you might have about the test.


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